Project Description

Written and Directed by Sidharth Srinivasan
Produced by Reel Illusion Films with the support of the Hubert Bals Fund of the
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Starring: Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Saba Joshi, Avtar Sahni, Gita Bisht, Abhishek
Bannerjee etc
Cinematographer: S. Nalla Muthu
Editor: Sameera Jain
Sound Design: Nihar Ranjan Samal
Music: Jona Kompa

Festivals: World Premiere, Toronto International Film Festival 2010; European
Premiere, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011; US Premiere, MoMA,
New York City 2011 etc.

Synopsis: Critically-acclaimed at over ten international film festivals including Toronto and Rotterdam, Sidharth Srinivasan’s powerful drama thriller PAIRON TALLE is set against the brutal backdrop of the NCR – the National Capital Region.

An innocent watchman, Bhanu Kumar, fiercely protects his master Lakhmichand’s silica mine – which lies in ruins – but is incapable of looking after his own interests. Bhanu’s wife, Saroj, suffers her husband’s unquestioning loyalty in silence, at deep personal cost.

But larger forces are at play in Bhanu and Saroj’s life – forces that threaten to evict them from the mine they call home. The master’s daughter Twinkle has fallen in love with a boy from a lower caste. To safeguard family honour, Lakhmichand arranges marry Twinkle off to a much older businessman, with the Royal Silica Mine thrown in as dowry. But Twinkle rebels, implicating Bhanu and Saroj irreversibly…

This sets off a chain reaction with catastrophic consequences, and when realization finally dawns on Bhanu, it does so at a bloody price. Will the watchman take destiny into his own hands, or will justice be denied him forever…

PAIRON TALLE tells an edgy, rooted story that is as “real” as today’s morning headlines – this is a Delhi you have never been shown before.

Runtime: 95 mins
Format: HD, Colour
Language: Hindi
Year: 2010